More specifically, we can buy YOUR HOME as-is for a fair cash price.


One of the most common questions we get from home sellers like yourself is… “How do I know your offer is actually fair?”

That’s a fair question.

Heck, it’s a question we expect to get.

And so we thought we’d stop by and give you a little more insight into how we calculate our offers for home sellers like yourself. 

Here’s what we consider…

Cost of Repairs — This is the amount of money we’ll have to put into the home to list it on the market and resell it. More repairs mean a lower offer price might be necessary. Fewer repairs generally mean a higher offer price.

ARV — This stands for After Repair Value. It’s the amount of money the house is expected to sell for after repairing it. This isn’t guesswork, though. Our office runs comps just like a real estate agent would.

Holding Costs — This is the amount it takes to pay for “holding” the property before it sells (interest, property taxes, utilities, etc.) or rents.

Cleaning Costs — This is the amount of money it’ll cost to clean the property. The cleaner the house already is, the less it’ll cost to have it cleaned it!

That’s how it’s done.

If you want to get your fair cash offer, give Flipping Evansville a call at 812-401-7253

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