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Has your Evansville house listing expired?

We know… it’s frustrating. A lot of effort goes into listing a house with an agent and getting everything ready for selling… but crickets. And now things are back at square one. 🙁 But not all is lost… here are 4 things you can do with a home that won’t sell (even if you think […]

Does your Evansville house have mold?

Mold in your House - We Buy Evansville Houses - Evansville Real Estate Investor

Not only can mold damage the house… it can also make the people living there sick if it’s not taken care of. At the same time, finding the mold and getting rid of it can be tedious and expensive. At Flipping Evansville, we’ve helped a lot of homeowners deal with a lot of different problems, […]

How Can I Sell My House To An Investor In Evansville

If there is one thing that is certain about the Evansville real estate market, it’s the fact that it is a buyer’s market. Yes, there has been a gradual shift in market trends recently, but the general consensus is still in favour of buyers. This may prove to be tricky as most people no longer […]

We Buy Houses In Evansville Companies – Should I Sell To Them?

Sell My House for Cash

The real estate market has probably never been as flexible and volatile as it is now. With so many different ways available to sell or liquidate property, it comes as no surprise to see many phony firms and con men trying to prey on the ignorance and desperation of homeowners. If you live in Central […]